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ESE 631 Week 4 Assignment Research Paper

ESE 631 Week 4 Assignment Research Paper
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ESE 631 Week 4 Assignment Research Paper

Research Paper. For this assignment, you will write a five-to six-page paper on intellectual disabilities, including information from at least three peer-reviewed articles and the class text.

The paper must include:

a. Basic facts pertaining to the disability, including the legal definition, characteristics, and limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.

b. Ways to address the needs of students within this disability category (strategies, accommodations, modifications, assistive technology).

c. Supplementary aids and services and/or related services that may be included on the IEP.

d. Community resources, services, or agencies available for students and families for the selected disability category.

e. Transition planning considerations for students with intellectual disabilities.

f. Inclusion tips to foster the concept of a least restrictive environment. 

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