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ACC 560 Week 5 Quiz 3 (Chapters 5 and 6) Updated

ACC 560 Week 5 Quiz 3 (Chapters 5 and 6) Updated
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ACC 560 Week 5 Quiz 3 (Chapters 5 and 6) NEW

Question 1
A company with a higher contribution margin ratio is
Question 2
The contribution margin ratio is
Question 3
In 2016, Teller Company sold 3,000 units at $600 each. Variable expenses were $420 per unit, and fixed expenses were $270,000. The same selling price, variable expenses, and fixed expenses are expected for 2017. What is Teller’s break-even point in sales dollars for 2017?
Question 4
Sales mix is
Question 5
The margin of safety ratio
Question 6
To which function of management is CVP analysis most applicable?
Question 7
Frazier Manufacturing Company collected the following production data for the past month:
Units Produced Total Cost
1,600 $66,000
1,300 57,000
1,500 67,500
1,100 49,500
If the high-low method is used, what is the monthly total cost equation?
Question 8
Weatherspoon Company has a product with a selling price per unit of $200, the unit variable cost is $110, and the total monthly fixed costs are $300,000. How much is Weatherspoon’s contribution margin ratio?
Question 9
Two costs at Bradshaw Company appear below for specific months of operation.
Month Amount Units Produced
Delivery costs September $ 40,000 40,000
October 55,000 60,000
Utilities September $ 84,000 40,000
October 126,000 60,000
Which type of costs are these?
Question 10
The equation which reflects a CVP income statement is

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