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BRM 451 Week 5 Competitive Strategies Paper Updated

BRM 451 Week 5 Competitive Strategies Paper Updated
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BRM 451 Week 5 Competitive Strategies Paper NEW

Resources: Previous Learning Team assignments, University Library 
Select the same organization you chose for your Retail Selection Paper due in Week Two.

Write a 4,200- to 5,250-word final paper. Consolidate previous Learning Team Assignments incorporating faculty feedback and recommendations.
Also include 1,400 to 2,100 words on two new sections that address the following: 
Begin the first section by categorizing the various retailers in terms of channel types and merchandise that compete with your selected retailer. Identify and critique the strategies your retailer uses to differentiate itself from these competitors. Discuss the pricing and promotion techniques employed by your selected retailer and the importance of these techniques in its overall competitive strategy. 
In the next section of your paper, analyze how consumer trends and other trends such as technology, globalization, and e-business might affect your selected retailer. Also, explain how changes in the customer demographics might affect the retailer. Make recommendations for strategies to address the threats and opportunities presented by these trends.
2 Outside Sources (the book is not considered a source)
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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