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BUSN 427 Course Project 1 Burlington Coat Factory

BUSN 427 Course Project 1 Burlington Coat Factory
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  • Course Project 1 - Burlington Coat

BUSN 427 Course Project 1 Burlington Coat Factory

This project consists of creating a Global Business Plan using the guidelines document linked below. The plan will be developed in groups of three to five students defined by your instructor (groups will be set up as soon as possible in Week1).

Each group will select a country to research and establish the viability of that country for global expansion.

Each group will discuss (post) in their respective Group Discussion area which country they plan to research and why they chose that country from the list of options provided by the instructor via an announcement. One team member (selected by the group) will post their country selection and why it was chosen to the Group's Doc Sharing area by the end of Week 1 (via a Word document). Note that ONLY the Week 1 deliverable is submitted in this fashion.

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