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ECE 430 Week 5 Discussion 1 Case Study Analysis NEW
ECE 430 Week 5 Discussion 1 Case Study Analysis NEW
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ECE 430 Week 5 Discussion 1 Case Study Analysis NEW

In the Week 5 Case Study: Dispositions/Closure, we learn that the parents of Mrs. Ashland's student nominate her for Golden Apple Award. In their nominations the parents express what she has done for their child and each child’s storyline is wrapped up through these explanations. You will find Week Five Case Study in the Course Materials section of your online course.

After reading Week Five Case Study, imagine you are a judge on the panel who determines which teachers receive the Channel 6 Golden Apple Award. As you do with each submission you receive, you need to analyze the letter you received about Mrs. Ashland using the dispositions of effective early childhood educators (Chapter 9) and NAEYC’s Statement of Commitment to determine if she possesses the necessary qualities to receive the  award. Defend your position to recommend or decline Mrs. Ashland for this award by clearly identifying which dispositions she does or does not possesses and whether or not she displays the characteristics stated in NAEYC’s Statement of Commitment.

Guided Response: After completing your own review of Mrs. Ashland’s submission you are required to meet with at least two other members of the panel to collaborate on your findings. Respectfully critique your fellow panel member’s decision about Mrs. Ashland’s nomination by providing at least two pieces of evidence as to why you agree or disagree with their decision.

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