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EDU 638 Week 2 Family History and Culture Updated

EDU 638 Week 2 Family History and Culture Updated
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EDU 638 Week 2 Family History and Culture NEW

Family History and Culture. According to Sleeter (2008), “Self-examination is particularly important as a part of learning to teach students who are culturally different from oneself, and to address institutionalized inequities that permeatestudents’ lives both inside and outside of school” (p. 114). Briefly research your own historical and cultural history by interviewing family members and/or reviewing historical and/or archival records.
In a two- to three- page paper, provide the results of your research and discuss the implications of your self- examination in terms of your future teaching setting and intercultural communication. Provide one- to two- resources to support your work in addition to the text. Your paper must follow APA guidelines in form and style.

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