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FIN 405 Quiz 6 Updated

FIN 405 Quiz 6 Updated
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FIN 405 Quiz 6 NEW

Question 1

__________ means that markets channel resources to their most productive uses.
Question 2

According to behaviorists, noise traders affect prices in financial markets by:

Question 3

__________ determines whether markets produce outputs at the lowest possible cost.
Question 4

For technical analysis, based on patterns of historical prices, to have value, ______ form of market efficiency must be violated.
Question 5

Shawna is interested in mutual fund investments. Over the last ten years, the alphas of three funds that Shawna is considering were –0.2, 0, and 0.8. According to the EMH:
Question 6

The January effect is very sensitive to the choice of __________ used in the test.
Question 7

Event studies are designed to test:
Question 8

In markets characterized by __________, asset prices reflect all information, public and private.
Question 9

If financial markets are semistrong-form efficient, asset prices will incorporate __________; however, if financial markets are strong-form efficient, asset prices will reflect __________.
Question 10

According to empirical studies, firms tend to split their shares ________ earning above market returns and investors who buy firms after stocks split earn _______ market returns
Question 11

The phrase “residual claimant” is often applied to
Question 12

What best describes the ownership concentration of firms in common law countries?
Question 13

Which of the following legal traditions offers the weakest protection to outside investors?
Question 14

Callable bonds allow the issuing entity the opportunity to retire the issue prior to maturity. When is a bond most likely to be called?
Question 15

What does LIBOR stand for?
Question 16

Which of the following legal traditions offers the greatest protection to outside investors?
Question 17

In the early 1990s who accounted for the majority of acquisition activity?
Question 18

When CFOs were asked to indicate the relative importance when making a financing decision, the most important factor was
Question 19

The dominant source of financing in the United States is
Question 20

Jessica is a current stockholder in Have-it-all Inc. Recently, the firm announced a dividend increase of $0.10 per share as well as a new security offering. A plausible explanation for Have-it-all's actions would be:

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