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FIN 405 Week 3 Quiz 2 Ch5 Updated

FIN 405 Week 3 Quiz 2 Ch5 Updated
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FIN 405 Week 3 Quiz 2 Ch5 NEW

Question 1

If an investor holds all of her wealth in a single asset, the most appropriate measure for finding the risk of that asset would be:
Question 2

Jonathan is a risk averse investor. This means that he would:
Question 3

Jack and Jill, two finance majors, were arguing over whether to use standard deviation or variance when discussing a stock's monthly returns. Jack claimed variance was more appropriate,but Jill thought standard deviation made more sense. Jack and Jill went up to Ms. Hill who sided with Jill, offering the following support:
Question 4

Alicia's Aunt Amy asked her to calculate the average annual return she received on her investment in 3A stock. Aunt Amy had held the stock for five years and was shocked at how much the percentage return varied from year to year. Alicia warned her Aunt that the answer would differ depending on whether she used an arithmetic average or a geometric average. If Alicia used an arithmetic average she would:
Question 5

Rank the following for assets and the inflation rate from high to low in the United Kingdom.
Question 6

The equation for a portfolio's expected return is __________.
Question 7

Investors in stocks are likely,
Question 8

Using a __________ year holding period, stocks, bonds, and T-bills have nearly identical standard deviations.
Question 9

The purchasing power of $1 in 1900 is equivalent to the purchasing power of $__________ in 2000.
Question 10

The variance of any two-asset portfolio depends on these factors:

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