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HCS 235 Week 1 Health Care Timeline Updated

HCS 235 Week 1 Health Care Timeline Updated
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HCS 235 Week 1 Health Care Timeline NEW

As you learn about the health care industry in the United States and progress through this course, it is important to understand its history and evolution.
Complete the Health Care Timeline worksheet to create a timeline in which you describe the evolution of the United States Health Care industry. References are required.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your worksheet.
Health Care Timeline
Complete the following timeline.
Select seven events that have helped shape health care as it is today. Write a 50- to 150- word summary per event that discusses the event and its effect on the health care industry. An example has been provided for you.
Health Care Through Out the Years
Date Event and Significance
1870-1889 Employers began to provide employee health care. Companies in several industries, including mining, lumber, and railroads, developed group industrial clinics with plans that prepaid doctors a fixed monthly fee to provide medical care to employees for industrial accidents and common illnesses.

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