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HRM 350 Week 3 Learning Team International Job Search

HRM 350 Week 3 Learning Team International Job Search
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HRM 350 Week 3 Learning Team International Job Search

Review the job listings at a multinational organization. You may vote on using a team members organization used in completing the  Week Two assignment. Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper in which you address the following:

•Outline the recruitment strategies the organization uses.

•Explain how the organization classifies their job opportunities and what assumptions may be made about the classifications.

•Using the information from your text and the organization’s website, determine how the following factors assist in deciding the optimal mix of home and host country employees: ◦The type of international assignment

◦The culture and language preparedness of the employee

◦The length of the assignment

◦The host and home country recruitment and selection practices

◦Staff availability and skill set

•Compare the benefits offered with your personal expectations. Discuss compensation, relocation, repatriation, living standards, family considerations, and safety.

•Identify information on expatriate programs from the listing and organization website. Based on the information, recommend additional components to include. Determine how each component strategically benefits the organization and its employees.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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