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INFO 103 Week 2 Quiz

INFO 103 Week 2 Quiz
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INFO 103 Week 2 Quiz

1.      While doing online research you enter this wildcard character: Met

Which of the following would be a possible response to your search?

2.      Famed science fiction writer H. G. Wells once envisioned something to store vast amounts of information. What did he call it? 

3.      Which of the following is the tool used to automatically search new information on the internet and organize it for future searches?

4.      Which application software allows you to compose written ideas on a computer?

5.      Which of the following is NOT an example of a metasearch engine?

6.      Of the following individuals, who was the most recent to develop information searching tools online?

7.      Google’s main model for generating profit is:

8.      Information resources that point the user towards data that they are looking for, and are organized according to a predefined scheme are called:

9.      Which of the following is NOT a Google product?

10.  Which of the following was the first commercial software package to incorporate WYSIWYG as a feature?



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