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MIL 310 Week 1 Case Study – Saratoga Updated

MIL 310 Week 1 Case Study – Saratoga Updated
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MIL 310 Week 1 Case Study – Saratoga NEW

Case Study – Saratoga. The Battle of Saratoga in 1777 represented the tipping point for the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. During September and October, 1777, the British Army, under Burgoyne, faced several challenges. 
Conduct a case study of the Battle of Saratoga to determine causes and resulting effects of the American win over Burgoyne’s Army. The case study should use the following general outline.
1. Provide a brief overview of military forces present at Saratoga.
3. Identify the challenges faced by the British Army, led by Burgoyne.
5. What advantages did the Continental Army have and utilize to achieve victory?
7. How did logistics impact the outcome of the Battle of Saratoga?
9. What were the strategic effects of Burgoyne’s surrender at Saratoga?
11. What lessons can be learned from the Battle of Saratoga that still apply today in modern warfare?

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