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PSYCH 285 Week 2 Quiz Updated

  • PSYCH 285 Week 2 Quiz Updated
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PSYCH 285 Week 2 Quiz NEW

1. Piaget used the term _____ to describe the process by which new experiences are easily incorporated into existing schemes
2. Tiffany is an infant who has acquired hope. Which crisis of psychosocial development has she successfully resolved?
3. Complex emotions differ from basic emotions in that complex emotions require some understanding of ___
4. The first altruistic behavior appears around _____ months of age
5. Six-month-old Teddy is playing with his favorite toy, a stuffed bear. Suddenly a blanket falls off the shelf and covers his bear. According to Piaget, Teddy would most likely _____.
6. Which is the best example of a psychological force in the development of attachment?
7. Sixteen-year-old Marshall was severely malnourished as an infant. Compared to his peers who were not malnourished as infants, Marshall is most likely to _____.
8. TCO 3 What evidence do researchers have that young infants use sound to locate objects?
9. According to research by Pascalis, de Haan, and Nelson (2002), who would be best at differentiating between two different monkey faces?
10. Bridget is excellent at walking, running, climbing, and kicking balls. This would suggest that Bridget has good _____.
11. State and describe the psychosocial stage at which Erikson would place a newborn infant.

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