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RES 751 Week 4 Individual Assignment Concept Paper Update Updated

  • RES 751 Week 4 Individual Assignment Concept Paper Update Updated
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RES 751 Week 4 Individual Assignment Concept Paper Update NEW

Review your three draft concept papers, submitted in Week One.
 Select the two with the most potential as a doctoral dissertation study. The studies with the most potential do the following:
 Focus on addressing or solving a compelling and current research problem, issue, or observation in I-O psychology
Contribute to knowledge in I-O psychology
Are feasible
 Use the input from the Learning Team assignment this week.
 Update both concept papers to reflect any feedback received in RES/750 and any changes in the method and design based on your learning in this course. Include a strong rationale for the design appropriateness.
 Evaluate and update both concept papers using the following questions as a guide:
 Introduction: Is there an introduction to the topic? Does it set the context for the research study? Does the introduction end with a preview of the concept paper’s contents?
Problem statement: Is the statement of the problem clearly and compellingly articulated, with evidence that the problem exists?
Purpose statement: Is the study purpose clearly and concisely articulated? Have you clearly stated the method and design? Does the section include how achieving the purpose will provide the information and data necessary to help solve the problem? Are the variables and central phenomenon defined?
Research questions: Are the research questions clear and researchable? Is information on how the research questions align with the specific problem or issue to be studied and the study purpose included? Are the research questions annotated per acceptable guidelines?
 Hypotheses: If a quantitative study, are the hypotheses testable and distinct? Are the null and alternative hypotheses associated with a research question? If there are no hypotheses, is there a clear rationale? Are the hypotheses annotated per acceptable guidelines?
Research method and design appropriateness: Is the rationale for the chosen method and design clear? Is the rationale compelling? Are scholars who are experts with the chosen method and design cited as evidence?
 Is the concept paper written well? 
Is the concept paper written using APA style?
 Post your updated concept papers for facilitator review.

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