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BUS 107 Quiz 9 Updated

  • BUS 107 Quiz 9 Updated
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BUS 107 Quiz 9 Updated
1. ____ refers to programs that are embedded transparently in Web pages and that cause action to occur.
2. A Web server can compromise ____ if it allows automatic directory listings.
3. The protection of assets using nonphysical means is called ____ security.
4. Software applications called ____ provide the means to record information that passes through a computer or router that is handling Internet traffic.
5. ____ refers to protecting against unauthorized data disclosure and ensuring the authenticity of the data source.
6. ____ encryption encodes a message with an algorithm that uses a single numeric key, such as 456839420783, to encode and decode data.
7. Originally, the term ____ was used to describe a dedicated programmer who enjoyed writing complex code that tested the limits of technology.
8. Any act or object that poses a danger to computer assets is known as a ____.
9. ____ refers to preventing data delays or denials.
10. A ____, offered by companies such as American Express, carries no spending limit, and the entire amount charged to the card is due at the end of the billing period.
11. Creating truly anonymous electronic cash requires a bank to issue electronic cash with embedded ____ such that the bank can digitally sign the electronic cash while removing any association of the cash with a particular customer.
12. ____ is spending a particular piece of electronic cash twice by submitting the same electronic currency to two different vendors.
13. In a(n) ____ system, the card issuer pays the merchants that accept the card directly and does not use an intermediary, such as a bank or clearinghouse system.
14. ____ refers to preventing data delays or denials.
15. ____ is a key element in a phishing attack.
16. Internet payments for items costing from a few cents to approximately a dollar are called ____.
17. What payment method dominates online transactions today?
18. Whenever a third party processes a transaction, the system is called a(n) ____ system.
19. ACH is short for ____.
20. ____ is a technique for committing fraud against the customers of online businesses.

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