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BUS 436 Module 5 Assignment 1 LASA 2 Leadership Development and Recruitment Plan Updated

  • BUS 436 Module 5 Assignment 1 LASA 2 Leadership Development and Recruitment Plan Updated
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BUS 436 Module 5 Assignment 1 LASA 2 Leadership Development and Recruitment Plan Updated
Your supervisor has asked you to make some recommendations regarding the leadership skills necessary to successfully work through the merger at Banks. You have been asked to develop a standardized method of personnel selection for their hiring needs. This plan will be used in all of the company’s operations, both domestic and foreign, as there are more open positions that will need to be filled quickly. It must support the company’s goal of obtaining competitive advantage through talent management and acquisition.
Additionally, one of your first hiring needs involves recruiting electronics engineers with a BS degree and one year of experience in a manufacturing environment. The engineers will work a 12-month contract in China, after training in Centervale for a two-week period. The candidates should be suitable for the company’s current operations in Centervale and the subsidiary in China, as they will spend time at both locations. Skills in English and Chinese are preferred; however, English is required.
Your goal is to identify the most qualified candidates for the job while keeping in mind the unique nature of work environments that require overseas travel. 
Write a 12 - 15 page report to your supervisor that will include the development of a recruitment plan. Reference any cultural and legal differences as well as challenges that are likely to arise. Cite at least 6 scholarly references, including direct reference to applicable laws and relevant studies. Address the following questions in your report using correct APA formatting.
Part 1 Development of the Recruitment Plan
Describe your  personnel selection system
Describe the implementation of the selection system at multiple locations
Evaluate interpersonal issues such as cultural differences
Describe  the considerations made for varying employment laws
Describe Expatriation and repatriation strategies and services that will be offered to this group of engineers
Part 2 Leadership Skills 
What leadership skills are most important to those working directly with the Chinese subsidiary?
Develop a performance evaluation system for those identified as having leadership potential.
Explain how to develop underperformers and keep top performers motivated in a multicultural environment

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