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CET 1605 Week 1 Individual Work Updated

  • CET 1605 Week 1 Individual Work Updated
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You are the Senior Network Administrator for ABC Corporation. The Junior Network Administrator asks you what layer of the OSI reference Microsoft Excel resides on. What is the correct response?

Is the following statement true or false? Be sure to also explain why it is true or false.
“MAC addresses are a layer three address type”

It is a known fact that the job of routers is to determine the next hop. What information does a router use to determine this next hop?

Hubs are a_________ layer device, while switches operate at the _______ layer.

Your laptop connects to a wireless access points which then connects you to the Internet. The wireless signal that connects your laptop to the wireless access point works what layer?

In your own words explain the process of the three way handshake.

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