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CIS 110 Week 6 Quiz Updated

  • CIS 110 Week 6 Quiz Updated
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CIS 110 Week 6 Quiz Updated
Question 1
  A parallel array is an array that stores another array as each element.
Question 2
  Many newer programming languages such as C++, Java, and C# use the bracket notation for arrays.
Question 3
  Besides making your code easier to modify, using a named constant makes the code easier to understand.
Question 4
  Parallel arrays must contain the same data type.
Question 5
  If values in your program have a direct relationship, you probably don’t need parallel arrays.
Question 6
  Every array has a(n) ____ size.
Question 7
  When you search through a list from one end to the other, you are performing a ____.
Question 8
  Parallel arrays are most useful when value pairs have a(n) ____ relationship.
Question 9
  Named ____ hold values that do not change during a program’s execution.
Question 10
  Array subscripts are always a sequence of ____.
Question 11
  If you declare a variable to be Boolean, you can set its value to ____.
Question 12
  One advantage to using a named constant is that the statement becomes ____.
Question 13
  The number of elements in an array is called the ____ of the array.
Question 14
  Array elements all have the same ____ in common.
Question 15
  In every programming language, when you access data stored in an array, it is important to use a ____ containing a value that accesses memory occupied by the array.
Question 16
  In all languages, subscript values must be ____.
Question 17
  A(n) ____ is another name for an array.
Question 18
  Providing array values is sometimes called ____.
Question 19
  The true benefit of using an array lies in your ability to use a ____ as a subscript to the array.
Question 20
  Which statement is true of arrays?

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