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COM 155 Week 3 DQs Updated

  • COM 155 Week 3 DQs Updated
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COM 155 Week 3 DQs Updated

COM 155 Week 3 DQs

Week 3 DQ 1

In what situations are compare-and-contrast essays effective? When would that style be ineffective? What is the difference? Explain. 

Week 3 DQ2

There are two basic organizational methods for a compare-and-contrast essay. Do you think one is a stronger method, or are they situational? Why? 

Week 3 DQ3

Review Ch. 10, Sectionblock 9.3, of Writing for Success. Everyone has biases. Biases are not always negative; they can help you construct a strong argument. How can a bias negatively affect your essay? What can you do to prevent this? 

Week 3 DQ4

The use of the first-person I in academic writing has been a source of debate. How do you feel about using I in an academic essay? What issue arises with the use of I in an academic essay, and how can you prevent it?

Week 3 DQ5

Many spelling errors may be eliminated by using spell check, but spell check will not catch a correctly spelled wrong word, such as totoo, and two, or theirthere, and they’re. Do you have any strategies to ensure you will not make these kinds of mistakes? If you do, what are they, and how well do you think they will work? If you do not have a strategy, why not? 

Often, students rely on improper punctuation and capitalization because of the popularity and convenience of sending text messages. In academic writing, however, you must strive to use appropriate punctuation and capitalization. Why do you need to use appropriate punctuation, including plurals and possessives, in your writing?

Page 673 provides examples of how comma placements may completely change the meaning of a sentence. Knowing this, what can you do as a writer to ensure your comma usage helps you to communicate clearly?

Chapter 41 shows examples of proper nouns that need to be capitalized. List four examples of capitalized proper nouns from this chapter. Explain your strategy for determining when to use capitalized proper nouns in the future.

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