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COM 155 Week 5 DQs Updated

  • COM 155 Week 5 DQs Updated
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COM 155 Week 5 DQs Updated

COM 155 Week 5 DQs

Week 5 DQ1

What components are needed to develop a clear and concise thesis statement?

Week 5 DQ2

Why do you think it is important for a thesis statement to be only one declarative sentence with 25 words or fewer? Do you agree or disagree with this writing technique?

Week 5 DQ3

Chapter 9, Section 1, of Writing for Success explains how to write an effective thesis statement. What two key ideas have you learned in the reading this week that will help you write an effective thesis statement?

Week 5 DQ4

How can you ensure you are using pronouns correctly? Elaborate on how correct pronoun use will help your writing in the future.

Week 5 DQ5

How would you teach an English as a Second Language student how to use who versus whom?


Write six original sentences in which pronouns are used in a consistent manner. What strategies might a writer use to ensure pronouns are used effectively?



Rewrite the first sentence of Ch. 27 in your own words. Identify the three basic types of pronouns mentioned on pp. 495 & 496. Explain why using pronouns may help make your writing more effective. 

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