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EDU 602 Week 1 Assignment Learning Outcomes Updated

  • EDU 602 Week 1 Assignment Learning Outcomes Updated
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EDU 602 Week 1 Assignment Learning Outcomes Updated

Learning Outcomes. This writing assignment provides you with a practical application for designing learning outcomes. Learning outcomes become the foundation from which instruction, activities, and assessments will be built. As a result, it is important that they are clear and measurable.
Perform the following tasks:
Step 1: Describe a lesson. Using the lesson you have started to develop in the previous two courses (EDU600 and EDU601) or another lesson of your choice in the event you have not taken the previous two courses, identify the following items:
The course title and description.
The intended audience, including age, grade, or industry (e.g. training for an insurance organization).
The name and brief description of the lesson.
Describe the goal of the lesson, what it is designed to teach and the focus of the learning activities.
Step 2: Develop Learning Objectives. For the lesson you have selected, develop three learning objectives using Bloom’s Taxonomy and the ASU Objectives Builder to inform your work. Write one learning objective that reflects each of the following levels in Bloom’s Taxonomy:
Again, you should write one objective at the knowledge level, one at the application level, and one at the synthesis level. Here are a couple additional resources to guide you in created your objectives:
Writing Objectives Using Blooms Taxonomy
Learning Objective Job Aid
Step 3: Review Bloom’s Taxonomy and justify each learning outcome. Write one to two sentences that justify each learning outcome you specified in Step 2, based on why the learner must achieve that knowledge or skill. In addition, for each learning outcome, explain the level of Bloom's Taxonomy on which you intend to assess the learner.
Step 4: Develop three performance objectives. For the lesson you have selected, write one performance objective for each of the three learning outcomes you have written. Remember, the objectives should be concrete, clear, and measureable.
Step 5: Save and submit your assignment. When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor. Remember to keep track of all your work because you will be creating an ePortfolio in the final (Capstone) course in the MATLT program. Depending on the system the course utilizes, assignments will either be submitted via the classroom Assignment Basket Assignment Basket Icon or Waypoint.

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