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FIN 100 quiz 1 (2) Updated

  • FIN 100 quiz 1 (2) Updated
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FIN 100 quiz 1 (2) Updated

Question 1  

  ________________ involves making decisions relating to issuing and investing in stocks and bonds.  
Question 2  
  Economists use a ___________________ framework to explain how the prices and quantities of goods and services are determined in a free-market economic system.  
Question 3  
  The goal of the financial manager in a profit-seeking organization is to maximize:  
Question 4 
  ________________ involves the sale or marketing of securities, the analysis of securities, and the management of risk through portfolio diversification.  
Question 5  
  Maximizing _____________________ is accomplished through effective financial planning and analysis, asset management, and the acquisition of financial capital.  
Question 6  
  An area of finance that involves the study of organizations or intermediaries that help the financial system operate efficiently and transfer funds from savers and investors to individuals, businesses, and governments that seek to spend or invest the funds in physical assets (inventories, buildings, and equipment) is called: 
Question 7  
  An area of finance that involves the sale or marketing of securities, the analysis of securities, and the management of investment risk through portfolio diversification is referred to as:  
Question 8  
  ____________________ provide the record-keeping mechanism for showing ownership of the financial instruments used in the flow of financial funds between savers and borrowers and record revenues, expenses, and profitability of organizations that produce and exchange goods and services. 
Question 9 
  _______________ is the study of how individuals prepare for financial emergencies, protect against premature death and the loss of property, and accumulate wealth over time.
Question 10  
  An area of finance that involves financial planning, asset management and fund-raising decisions to enhance the value of businesses is called:  
Question 11  
  Inflation is:
Question 12 
  Paper money fully backed by a precious metal and issued by the government is called:
Question 13 
  The price level of goods and services may be expressed as the ratio of _____________.  
Question 14  
  Which of the following describes the basic function of money?  
Question 15 
  _____________ is a promise of future payment issued by a firm and guaranteed by a bank that is used to finance international trade with typical maturities ranging from one to six months.  
Question 16  
  Money decreed to be “legal tender” for the payment of debts is money backed by:  
Question 17  
  If the money supply for an economy is $3 trillion and GDP is $10 trillion, then the velocity of money is:  
Question 18  
  Credit money is backed by: 
Question 19 
  Which of the following are not included in M1? 
Question 20  
  The function of money that expresses prices and contracts for deferred payments in terms of the monetary unit is referred to as:

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