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FIN 100 Quiz 2 Updated

  • FIN 100 Quiz 2 Updated
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FIN 100 Quiz 2 Updated

Question 1

Another name for an open-end investment company is a:
Question 2

Savings banks have nearly three quarters of their assets in the form of:
Question 3

During the colonial period in the nation’s history, banks depended on:
Question 4

Primary reserves
Question 5

The item on the liabilities and equity section of a bank’s balance sheet that represents the smallest proportion of bank’s assets is:
Question 6

An organization that received contributions from employees and/or their employers and invests the proceeds on behalf of the employees for use during their retirement years is called a (n)
Question 7

_______________ provide loans directly to consumers and businesses and help borrowers obtain mortgage loans on real property.
Question 8

The item on the assets side of a bank’s balance sheet that represents the largest proportion of bank assets is:
Question 9

An organization that sells or markets new securities issued by businesses to individuals and institutional investors is called a (n)

Question 10

The holding-company device to control two or more commercial banks:
Question 11

The Federal Reserve System exercises its most direct control of the money supply:
Question 12

The percentage of deposits that must be held as reserves is called
Question 13

The purpose of Regulation Z is to:
Question 14

The Federal Reserve is empowered to encourage depository institutions to help meet the needs of communities for housing and other purposes:
Question 15

The banking system of the United States is a ___________ reserve system because banks are required by the Fed to hold reserves equal to a specified percentage of their deposits.
Question 16

The dynamic actions of the Federal Reserve System:
Question 17

The members of the board of directors of each Federal Reserve bank are:
Question 18

The Truth in Lending Act:
Question 19

The Board of Governors:
Question 20

The Federal Reserve Banks are owned by:

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