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FIN 100 Quiz 3 Updated

  • FIN 100 Quiz 3 Updated
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FIN 100 Quiz 3 Updated

Question 1

  Savings are the accumulation of cash and other financial assets and are generally classified into which of the following two categories?  
Question 2
  The major factors which influence the level of savings are the level of:  
Question 3
  A business loan to Joe’s Hardware Store by a bank represents which of the following?
Question 4  
  Which of the following instruments generates the largest amount of funds annually in the credit markets?  
Question 5
  Which of the following is the most liquid form of savings?  
Question 6
  Which of the following categories is not considered to be one of the four basic economic units in the U.S. financial system?  
Question 7
  What type of investment occurs when claims to wealth in the form of financial assets are purchased or when debt obligations are repaid?
Question 8  
  The short-term accumulation of financial assets on the part of business corporations:
Question 9
  Which of the following is an example of indirect financing?
Question 10
  The largest category of federal budget outlays is from  
Question 11
  Federal obligations usually issued for maturities of two to five years are called:
Question 12
  Price inflation has been characteristic of: 
Question 13
  When referring to a “downward sloping” yield curve:
Question 14
  The relationship between interest rates or yields and the time to maturity for debt instruments of comparable quality is called
Question 15
  The major factor that determines the volume of savings, corporate as well as individual, is the:
Question 16
  In an inflationary period, interest rates have a tendency to:
Question 17
  As the economy begins moving out of a recessionary period, the yield curve is generally:
Question 18
  The risk-free interest rate is composed of:
Question 19
  When referring to an “upward sloping” yield curve, interest rates:
Question 20
  The basic price that equates the demand for and supply of loanable funds in the financial markets is the __________:

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