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FIN 100 Quiz 4 Updated

  • FIN 100 Quiz 4 Updated
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FIN 100 Quiz 4 Updated

Question 1

  The rate of interest actually paid or earned, also called the annual percentage rate (APR), is the ________ interest rate.  
Question 2
  Which of the following terms best describes an annuity due?
Question 3
  The future value of a dollar ________ as the interest rate increases and ________ the farther in the future an initial deposit is to be received.
Question 4
  A loan that is repaid in equal payments over a specified time period is referred to as a (n):  
Question 5
  Jill Clinton puts $1,000 in a savings passbook that pays 4% compounded quarterly. How much will she have in her account after five years?
Question 6
  If $1,000 were invested now at a 12% interest rate compounded annually, what would be the value of the investment in two years?
Question 7
  For positive interest rates, the future value interest factor is
Question 8
  The present value of a $20,000 perpetuity at a 7 percent discount rate is 
Question 9
  A series of equal payments or receipts that occur at the beginning of each of a number of time periods is referred to as:
Question 10
  The basic future and present value equations contain four variables. Which one of the following isnot included?

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