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FIN 100 QUIZ 5 Updated

  • FIN 100 QUIZ 5 Updated
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FIN 100 QUIZ 5 Updated

Question 1  

  Which of the following types of stocks have the lowest risk to shareholders?  
Question 2  
  A bond that does not permit future bond issues to be secured by any of the assets pledged as security to it is called a (n):  
Question 3  
  An individual or organization that represents the bondholders to ensure the indenture’s provisions are respected by the bond issuer is called a (n):  
Question 4  
  Which of the following bond types would describe unsecured obligations that depend on the general credit strength of the corporation?  
Question 5  
  A document which is administered by a trustee, and includes in great detail the various provisions of the loan agreement is called the:  
Question 6  
  When the market interest rate rises for a particular quality of bond, the price of the bond falls, which gives investors a new:  
Question 7  
  A bond’s value is the same as its principal amount when the coupon rate is:  
Question 8  
  A bond that allows investors to force the issuer to redeem the bond prior to maturity is called a:  
Question 9  
  Which of the following is considered to be the most risky?
Question 10  
  Which of the following bonds has the greatest interest rate risk?

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