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HSA 315 quiz 5 Updated

  • HSA 315 quiz 5 Updated
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HSA 315 quiz 5 Updated

Question 1

  What source of advantage is realized when IT is used to monitor an organization’s plans, operations, and environment?  
Question 2 
  Using an EHR to implement systems such as personal health records (PHRs) and to remotely monitor chronically ill patients are examples of initiatives that would occur during what part of Phase II?
Question 3
  The way an organization views a particular IT challenge or opportunity is known as:  
Question 4 
  According to Jim Collins seminal book Good to Great, all of the following are general observations of “great” companies orientation to IT EXCEPT:
Question 5 
  What is the second step of IT budget development?
Question 6 
  According to Carol Brown and Vallabh Sambamurthy, which of the five mechanisms used by IT groups to improve their coordination and working relationships involves actions such as training IT staff on team building or offering user feedback during their reviews?  
Question 7 
  Well-developed governance mechanisms have all of these characteristics EXCEPT:  
Question 8 
  One of the most critical management undertakings that involves the commitment of resources to carry out strategic initiatives is:
Question 9 
  Changes that leave the organization and its core mission intact but significantly alter the way the organization carries out its business are:
Question 10 
  The two major categories of risk that confront significant IT investments are:
Question 11 
  It is estimated that around what percentage of IT projects are successful?
Question 12 
  Maintaining the project plan and communicating progress to sponsors, stakeholders, and team members are responsibilities of the:  
Question 13 
  All of the following are examples of intangible values EXCEPT:  
Question 14
  During what step related to increasing accountability for IT investments, should the project sponsors and business owners be defined and develop an understanding of the accountability they now have for the successful completion of the project?  
Question 15 
  Of the four types or classes of IT investment, which involves upgrading core IT infrastructure and applications or is intended to reduce the cost or improve the quality of IT services?

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