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MATH 325 Week 4 iLab Updated

  • MATH 325 Week 4 iLab Updated
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MATH 325 Week 4 iLab Updated

Using Minitab Statistics to calculate the various T-Tests
The steps required for completing the deliverables for this assignment (screen shots that correspond to these instructions can be found immediately following them).Complete the questions below and paste the answers from Minitab below each question (type your answers to the questions where noted). Therefore, your response to the lab will be this ONE document submitted to the Dropbox.
Context (remember that statistics are far more than numbers or values – you need to know the context to perform a good analysis!).
Independent Samples: Patients diagnosed with depression according to the Beck Depression Inventory are randomly assigned to receive a Placebo vs. Lexapro for their treatment. Reassessment occurs at four weeks.
Note: Moderate Depression is indicated by a score of 21 or more when using the Beck Depression Inventory. Patients scoring 30 or more would not qualify for this study as they would need more intense treatment and would not be given a placebo.
Paired Sample T-Test: Assess the effectiveness of the hospital’s diabetic education program by comparing preteaching and postteaching test scores for new diabetics on disease management.
Note: These patients cannot be discharged until they pass their posttest and insurance typically will not pay for the hospital stay if they leave against medical advice (AMA).
View the Minitab tutorial on T-Tests. The 2-Sample t tutorial can be found by going to the Help menu in Minitab, selecting Tutorials then selecting 2-Sample t.

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