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MHR 6751 Unit VIII Course Project Updated

  • MHR 6751 Unit VIII Course Project Updated
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MHR 6751 Unit VIII Course Project Updated

Course Project
Select one of the following three options for your course project. Your paper should be a well-organized paper of
6-8 pages in length (in addition to a title page identifying your name and the course number), with no spelling or grammar
mistakes, clearly articulated, and to the point. Your paper must reflect APA style and contain at least three references
other than the book, which may include Internet sources, professional journal articles, or other resources related to the
1. Select a topic covered in the course and have it approved by the instructor. Then conduct research on the
topic to determine historical trends and recent developments. Before completing your paper, have your
instructor approve your bibliography.
2. You are the Human Resource Director for a 500-bed hospital. You have learned that the American
Professionals Union is attempting to unionize your 1,000 registered nurses. The CEO has asked you to
draft a plan – either supporting the nurses in their efforts OR attempting to remain union free. Draft solid
arguments – either pro or con – for presentation and recommendation to the CEO.
3. Much political effort has been given to the passage and implementation of the “Employee Free Choice
Act.” Your local U.S. representative has asked you, the local HR group president, to submit a position
paper to her regarding the HR group's position on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed
legislation. Your work could influence the Representative's vote – make your arguments fact based and
Your course project is due by the end of Unit VIII. Submit your project by uploading it to Blackboard in the designated area
in Unit VIII. Do not e-mail your paper directly to your professor. By uploading to Blackboard, your university record will
automatically be updated to indicate you have submitted your paper and the paper will be provided to your professor for

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