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RES 429 Week 2 Property Analysis Updated

  • RES 429 Week 2 Property Analysis Updated
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RES 429 Week 2 Property Analysis Updated

Property Analysis. For the final paper, you will be preparing a property management plan for a property of your choice (apartment building; shopping center; or other commercial property). Each week you will complete a component on the property management plan. In week two, you will be completing the property analysis section of the final property management plan.
Write a three- to four- page paper outlining your property analysis for a property of your choice. Please see the recommended readings section for resources to assist you in locating a property.
The property analysis is a review of the particular property itself: its physical condition and needs, its rent roll and lease structure, and its overall financial performance and condition. include the following.
The property analysis, at a minimum, should
 Building size, location, accessibility
 Physical condition and age of structure and grounds
 Common area characteristics and condition
 Tenant space characteristics and condition
 Building occupancy and character of tenants
 Curb appeal: visual impression, style
 Building-to-land ratio: other possible uses or expansion on the site
 Compliance status regarding relevant regulations
 Current management strategy, policy, procedures
 Current staffing adequacy
 Financial integrity (including comparison of revenue and expenses with other similar buildings)
As you are preparing your property analysis and retrieving information from various sources, please keep the following in mind:
 What is needed to make the property of my choice competitive?  A useful property analysis includes a thorough description of the property.

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