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SOC 185 Week 6 Quiz Updated

  • SOC 185 Week 6 Quiz Updated
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SOC 185 Week 6 Quiz NEW

1. (TCO 8) What term is used by sociologists to describe a group that is set apart from others because of physical differences that have taken on social significance?

2. (TCO 8) An ethnic group is a group _____.

Chapter 10

3. (TCO 6) An unreliable generalization about all members of a group which does not recognize individual differences within the group is referred to as _____.

4. (TCO 5) A farmer is called to help sandbag a levy that is about to flood his town. The farmer is stationed between two correctional center inmates who are required to assist in the flood-control efforts. As a result of this experience, the farmer has developed a newfound respect for inmates. This example would be consistent with which perspective?

5. (TCO 8) The barrier that is invisible, but which prevents women from rising beyond middle-management positions, is referred to as:

6. (TCO 6) When Ted consoles his sister about a difficult romantic breakup, works a day shift as a construction worker, and sings nursery rhymes to his young daughter so that she may fall asleep, he is portraying _____.

7. (TCO 8) Which perspective suggests that men may originally have become powerful in preindustrial times because their size, physical strength, and freedom from childbearing duties, all of which allowed them to dominate women physically, but in contemporary societies such considerations are not so important?

8. (TCO 8) Which of the following illustrates Arlie Hochschild’s concept of the “second shift?”

9. (TCO 7) A man, his wife, and their children, along with five Chinese Shar-Peis, four Siamese cats, eight parakeets, two ducks, a goat, and a dozen tropical fish, live on a pretty piece of land in Woodstock, Vermont. They are an example of a(n) _____.

10. (TCO 3) Which sociological perspective(s) would most likely focus attention on the personal relationships between stepparents and their stepchildren, and the family dynamics involved in such relationships?

11. (TCO 3) The requirement that individuals select mates from outside certain groups is known as

12. (TCO 7) In which type of authority pattern are the adult members of the family regarded as equals?

13. (TCO 7) The U.S. government maintains a policy of “separation of church and state.” The relationship 

between the church and the government in the U.S. illustrates _____.

14. (TCO 7) What term did Max Weber use to refer to a disciplined work ethic, this-worldly concerns, and a rational orientation to life, emphasized by John Calvin and his followers?

15. (TCO 3) Teaching students to be on time, respect authority, and follow directions would be considered a _____.

Chapter 14

16. (TCO 3) Which sociological perspective is most critical of the differential way in which education bestows status?

17. (TCO 5) In which type of economic system is the laissez-faire philosophy rejected, and the central government, acting as a representative of the people, makes basic economic decisions?

18. (TCO 5) The systematic, widespread withdrawal of investment in basic aspects of productivity such as factories and plants is known as _____.

19. (TCO 5) Karl Marx believed that:

20. (TCO 5) In the U.S., there is a presidential election every four years. After the election, nearly half the population readily accepts the leadership of the person for whom they did not vote. This is an example of _____.

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