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SUST 320 Week 3 Student Exercise Assignment Updated

  • SUST 320  Week 3 Student Exercise Assignment Updated
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SUST 320  Week 3 Student Exercise Assignment NEW

Activity 1 

Task 3: Open the EPA core module for direct emissions from mobile sources and scan through Section 2 and Section 3.

Question 2: What do you notice about the overall variation of emission factors for each vehicle class? Does vehicle age make a difference? Look at the relative values for CO2 emission factors compared to those for N2O and CH4. Do you think replacing older vehicles with similar model newer vehicles will lower GHG emissions? What can you say about the relative influence of emission factors on overall GHG emissions?

Question 3: What is the Authority’s carbon footprint for direct emissions due to the combustion of fossil fuels? How much of this is due to CO2 relative to the other gasses? In question 1 you looked at the general fuel usage by the different Authority departments. Do the CO2e emissions reflect the same pattern as fuel usage? How does this help you begin to develop some ideas for planning your emission reduction program?

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